We supply materials, methods, and equipment to minimize material degradation and infrastructure failure.

Steel corrodes, cement crumbles; material deterioration due to harsh elements increases maintenance costs and production downtime. AlphaGen Materials Inc. manufactures and sells CerarMix™, a polymer metallic-ceramic composite that can be used either as a coating to repair existing infrastructure or in the manufacture of individual parts and components with superior physical attributes compared to competitive alternatives.

Specifically, the abrasive, erosive, and corrosive preventative properties of CerarMix™, as well as its fire resistance, improve the performance and extend the useful lives of products made from fiberglass reinforced polymers, concrete, metals, and bio-materials.


CerarMix™ creates better abrasion, corrosion, and heat resistance compared to conventional polymer construction.


CerarMix™ is applied by our patented nanotechnology AlphaSpray™ system with quick turnaround, reducing asset downtime.


CerarMix™ returns structural integrity to eroded and corroded substrates, adding increased strength and asset revitalization.

CerarMix is available in two different formulas

CerarMix C1

The original formula, CerarMix C1 is a corrosion resistant composite for everyday use in sewers, water systems, building systems and general industrial use.


CerarMix AR1

AR1 is a composite designed for more highly corrosive and abrasive environments involving acid washes, caustic chemical holding tanks, and aggregate and chemical delivery systems. 


AlphaGen Materials is seeking to license companies to apply our patented systems. If interested, fill out our potential partner form.

CerarMix Specifications


Barcol: 80

Moh: 9F

Compressive Strength:

ASTM D-759: 16,00 psi

Tensile Strength:

ASTM D-307: 9,500 psi

Flexural Strength:

ASTM D-790: 21,300 psi

Modulus of Elasticity:

ASTM D-790: 0.9 x 10⁶

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion:

6.5 x 10⁻⁶

Bond Strength:

Concrete: >400 psi (concrete fails before the bond)

Steel: >1,200 psi


MIL-D-3143F None

Heat Resistance:

400°F Continuous

600°F Transient



Self-extinguishing after 30 min. exposure (800°F)

Water Solubility:


Abrasion Resistance:

ASTM D-4060 CS-17 Wheel: 0.020 gm